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Ryan & Ariel Mullarkey

Ariel and Ryan met the Navigators at the University of Arizona during their undergraduate study in 2004.

After graduating in 2008, they joined full time Navigator staff, and in 2012 Ryan became the Campus Director for the University of Arizona.

God has continued to bless the Navigators at the University of Arizona as a movement for advancing God's Kingdom, training up disciples of Jesus, and helping them labor for their lifetime.

University of Arizona Navigator Staff

The staff of the University of Arizona Navigator Organization is committed to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the students of the University of Arizona.  The staff's desire is to make Jesus' name known and to help students in their journey to know Jesus.

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Bella Alcalde


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Cam & Emma Kessner


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Aly Lawry


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Ethan Snapp


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Bryan & Erin Thigpen


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James & Liz Tsang


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